Re:Imagine… the world of Saphila 2017

ICT without Limitations

Imagination is not a word that many people associate with the world of ICT. But Why? The notion of Information & Communication Technology without a little invention or innovation seems ludicrous. How would the world function without the creative brains behind the ICT industry?

The definition reads… Imagination is defined as the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

Rigid ideas of ICT is just not helpful, as it limits the scope of possible innovations and solutions. At Saphila 2017 we as ICT experts are re:imagining the possibilities.  Welcome to Saphila 2017.

The Imagination Space

Saphila 2017 will be held between 5-6 June 2017 at Sun City, South Africa.

This two-day showpiece of ICT expertise is proudly hosted by AFSUG & supported by SAP, and promises genuine interaction between delegates & exhibitors with superb visitor flow matched with an exceptional program of speakers.

As with the ICT industry, the entire Saphila 2017 has been re-imagined. The new Sun City complex offers world class conference facilities & the drill down SAP User group pillars will allow visitors to focus their attention on meaningful content in professional contexts. Never has the world of ICT offered as much creativity as now – with tech not only developing progressively forward but laterally too – as shall be demonstrated by our world class Keynote Speakers that Saphila is renowned for. Saphila 2017 is set to offer insights & innovations that are sure to inspire new creative solutions, it is a think-tank without restrictions!


Re:Imagination Technologies

If you can dream it, the ICT industry can do it! It is that simple. Saphila 2017 is an opportunity to not only discover what new solutions are available in your industry but also what new thinking is required to solve some of the world’s most comprehensive problems.

Saphila 2017 is a meeting of minds & a place where our expertise allows us to re-imagine better ways to infinite possibilities. Join us! Registration is open!

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