Maximizing ROI

The Superbowl Re:imagined… Saphila style

Sun City has Re:Invented itself. A massive overhaul of facilities has seen upgrades to every inch of the Sun City product offering, and the Superbowl is no different. Now think what Saphila 2017 can do for this year’s exhibition space inside the famed Superbowl!

Saphila 2017 organizers are going to extreme lengths to ensure that visitors, exhibitors & sponsors all have the most incredible spaces to maximize their time & investment.

The Superbowl will hold the exhibition centre & offer seating options for networking through lunches. The exhibition centre will be the beating heart of Saphila 2017 through which all information will flow.

Why will you love the Saphila 2017 Exhibition space?
1. This is not only a place for Re:Imagination but to connect with sponsors & colleagues in a way you have never done so before.
2. The location is central, allowing easy access to the breakaway sessions & keynotes alike.
3. The exhibition space will play host to a number of visitor attractions ensuring that when you choose to Re:Charge you do so in Saphila 2017 style & with value too.

The Saphila 2017 exhibitor area design is stylish & allows visitors to explore freely. The exhibition stands will function as island stations ensuring complete open flows that will draw registered visitors into a more personal interactivity: this benefits both the visitor & exhibitor – maximising ROI for both.

We have left no stone unturned for our Saphila 2017 Superbowl exhibition space. From colour schemes to lighting & attractions to encourage the Re:Imagined world of ICT Infinite Possibilities… the rest is up to you!

Register here today, it’s quick & easy and it will change your world!

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