Re:Establishing Connections

Valley of the Waves

Imagine this… you’ve been thoroughly put through your paces with innovation & inspiration during the first day of Saphila 2017. The world of Infinite Possibilities awaits and it is only the end of Day 1. How could your expanding world get any better? Here’s how, the Re:Introduction to fun at the Saphila 2017 Valley of the Waves official first party.

After the day’s sessions & keynotes you will have had the time to connect with industry players & the process of exploring business opportunities together will be well underway.

But Re:Establishing connections & cementing relationships is what Saphila 2017 parties are all about. How better to enjoy a blossoming future than by Re:Establishing connections at the world famous center of fun: the Sun City Valley of the Waves.


Your playground

In absolute Saphila 2017 style we have filled the valley with gems of entertainment, food & opportunity within the beach space. Saphila 2017 will Illuminate the Roaring Lagoon wave pool with laser shows & help stimulate creative thinking for that “light bulb” moment using clever use of space, light & dark, and of course impress all your other senses too.

This is a party not to be missed… make sure to stay in touch via social media for sneak peeks & additional info.


Brew Monkey

If the party calls, then the after-party insists. The official after-party – sponsored by Britehouse –  following the Valley of the Waves Illumination epic will take place at the Brew Monkey venue. Overlooking the Valley of the Waves Tidal Pool, Brew Monkey offers an exquisite menu of craft beer & delectable eats to see your socialising into the early hours… but don’t overdo it; there is still another day of sessions followed by the closing party on night two. But more on that another time.

Remember, if Day 1 is about Re:Imagination then Day 2 will Re:Illuminate & blow your mind. Registration is as easy as clicking this link & you can follow the prompts for reduced accommodation rates too.

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