Rewarding Connections

Win with Saphila 2017 simply by connecting

The world of ICT is about connecting & the world of Saphila 2017 is about growing relationships built on these connections. How do we encourage our staff to communicate better? How do we instil a communication ethic between colleagues? And how do we ensure that ICT is the driving force behind global innovation? These are the questions we asked ourselves and the answer was simple… we had to ensure engagement at Saphila 2017 to highlight the value of multiple channels of dialogue and so begin an outbreak of innovative communication.

Intrigued? You should be!


Fruitful Dialogue

Meaningful connections & engagement are key to creative collaborations. With that in mind, we challenge you to inspire us – and if you do – we are excited to announce that you could be the winner of a brand new KIA Picanto sponsored by Click Software or a state of the art notebook from Lenovo as a superb runner-up prize.


App Gamification

We want to encourage more open & honest communication utilising as many channels as possible. Isn’t that how the world works these days? We are going to monitor how individuals at Saphila 2017 engage with sponsors at their booths, how visitors work within the eight streams & also how everyone engages on social media or via the Saphila 2017 mobile app.

Please Note: Each visitor who downloads the Saphila 2017 mobile app will automatically be entered into the competition & points can only be collected by engaging with the app.


The Channel Crossover

The key to winning is not just about communicating via the app, this is Saphila 2017 & we want channel crossover to challenge the status quo. Apart from gaining points from sponsors you will have the opportunity to earn points by following clues on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, from discovering secret points caches dotted throughout the conference & by attending sessions.

The leader board will be continually updated via the app & The prizes will be awarded at the closing plenary. Get active, get involved & take a glimpse at how communication & engagement can happen. Saphila 2017 is a world of Infinite Possibilities.

Reminder & First Tip: Only visitors who engage via the app will score points toward wining the prizes. Download the app now! You may just begin to score some early points.

Registration is open for Saphila 2017 & space is available for the showcase at Sun City between 5-6 June 2017.

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