Saphila Party 2

Vibes Night Club

Saphila 2017 is set to exercise your intellect & your imagination; to balance this is the final evening sports bar party. This year Saphila 2017 has chosen the Vibes Sports Bar at Sun City for creating a spectacularly lit fun environment to unleash the creative energy from the final day Saphila 2017 sessions. This is an opportunity to share your excitement within the Re:Imagined Infinite Possibilities landscape Saphila 2017 will have created.

Located centrally within Sun City complex at the Soho Hotel; Vibes Sports Bar offers visitors an upmarket experience fresh with an “always on” approach to fun. The décor is bright & retro, and boasts spray-painted artwork to add that touch of edginess… and that is before we’ve made our Saphila 2017 mark.


3D Spray-Painting

Apart from the big screen TV’s, pool tables, table football & karaoke booths we at Saphila 2017 will create a light & laser fiesta to tie together the Re:Illumination theme driving innovation within the ICT industry.

We also want to stimulate engagement too by allowing attendees creative use of space beyond the typical boundaries with a VR 3D Spray-painting experience.


The After-Party

Then if the mood strikes & energy is on your side Encore Dance Club is right next door & is ready to fill your feet with beats to see you into the morning.

Re:Imagine what possibilities await & use these ‘let your hair down’ opportunities to stimulate & cement ongoing business relationships long into the future.

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